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Dental Care for Geriatric Patients in Los Angeles | L.A. Smiles Dental Spa 90048

Geriatric Dentistry

Los Angeles Geriatric Dental Care

As people age into their golden years, the nerves in their teeth can become smaller, which means their teeth may become less sensitive to cavities or other problems. That’s why it’s important for older people to see the dentist just like younger folks.

Dental Care for Geriatric Patients in Los Angeles | L.A. Smiles Dental Spa 90048

Specialized Dental Care for Elderly

Our dental office caters to the special needs of older adults and their adult children or caretakers. We always treat seniors with dignity and respect when they come to our office for a procedure.

Our treatment rooms are comfortable and guaranteed to put elderly patients at ease. We offer a variety of dental procedures for seniors including: cosmetic dentistry, endodontic, periodontics, prosthodontics (dentures) oral surgery and dental implants.

We understand that even elderly people may feel anxious, and we offer appropriate local painkillers for older patients. We always ask if there are any medications a senior is taking before administering office medications.

We spend extra time with our geriatric patients.

Our dentists and hygienist take extra time to find out what our geriatric patients need and want. We don’t believe in one-size fits all. We work to design an individualized treatment plan that elderly people can understand. We don’t rush patients in and out. We take time to explain procedures and answer questions.

We also make recommendations that may help senior adults such as: electric or toothbrushes, water picks or fluoride gel. We provide thorough dental cleanings at a very reasonable cost.

We work hard to help seniors keep as many of their teeth as possible. But if implants or dentures are needed, we will happily fit elderly patients with the dental prosthetics that they need.

If elderly people are having difficulty eating or not eating as much as usual, they may have denture problems, which we can correct.

We understand the challenges elderly patients face.

We understand age related-changes that older patients are going through. That’s why our office has extra room for walkers and wheelchairs, as well as easy access to restrooms.

If a senior is having difficulty with brushing and flossing his or her teeth, our dentists and hygienists can provide some helpful tips or a different approach.

If you are in your later years, have an elderly relative, or are a caregiver for a senior who needs dental care, please call (323) 651-0933 to make an appointment today. Our staff is here to serve you.