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Green Dental Office in Los Angeles – BPA Free, Metal Free, Minimally Invasive

Green Dentistry

L.A. Smiles – Los Angeles Green Dentistry

Providing Holistic Dental Practices to Los Angeles

Our office practices green dentistry to reduce the impact of our business on the environment. Our environmentally friendly practices are focused on reducing waste and pollution, as well as saving energy, water and money.

For example, we use digital X-rays instead of traditional film. Digital X-rays deliver a faster result than film, and do not require toxic chemicals used to develop film.

Our digital imaging technology exposes patients to far less radiation than traditional X-rays. Digital X-rays provide a better quality than film X-rays, and the digital format allows X-rays be enlarged for greater detail.

We also chart our patients using digital equipment, which reduces our use of paper products. Additionally, we use biodegradable disinfectants and sterilization techniques that cut down our use of toxic chemicals.

Green Dental Office in Los Angeles – BPA Free, Metal Free, Minimally Invasive

We Believe in Metal-Free Dentistry

We also believe in using metal-free restorative options whenever possible. We opt for direct composite bonding when it comes to crowns, bridges and veneers as much as possible. These are more natural looking restorations than metal, which our patients appreciate.

We work to reduce the use of disposables, and increase our reusables without compromising patient safety. We also use compostable products that are designed to decompose better than traditional waste.

We also check the ingredients of all our office products and opt for more natural ones whenever possible over chemicals.

Our materials are mercury free, and our special water filtration system helps prevent pollution.

Our office is designed and constructed to conserve energy, which helps the environment and our electric bill.

We turn off our electric equipment at night via a power strip. This reduces the phantom load of our electric bill, which is about 10 percent.

Green dentistry and technology reduces the environmental impact of our dental practices and, at the same time, meets the needs of our patients.

We know it is possible to deliver the best dental care, and limit our carbon footprint at the same time.

We Operate Under a Patient Centered Environment

If you’re looking for a green-friendly dentist, please call 323-651-0933 and make an appointment with an office that cares about its patients and the environment.