Why Should I Replace My Silver Fillings?

Patients who have had silver fillings in their mouth often wonder what the importance of replacing their silver fillings really is. Truth is, amalgam contains an element known as mercury, which is very toxic to humans. It is believed that amalgam fillings release trace amounts of mercury vapor during chewing, which are then inhaled or absorbed into the body leading to issues over time.

I had all of my silver fillings replaced with Dr Ghiam, super easy and pain free!!

There is much controversy looking around the issue of whether or not amalgam fillings belong in the mouth, but no matter whose side you are on we know one thing to be true: it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Main reasons people have their silver, amalgam fillings replaced:

  • White, composite fillings are a more attractive appearance
  • White fillings do not put your health at risk

It used to be that people had their silver fillings replaced simply because they were not satisfied with the appearance of them. Now, people have them removed because of possible links between their amalgam fillings and disorders that have suddenly occurred in their life. Mercury toxicity is a global concern and is very hard to trace when certain issues arise such as autoimmune disorders.

Los Angeles Amalgam Removal | L.A. Smiles Dental Spa
These amalgams are silently leaking mercury, expanding and leading to fractures and tooth decay.

Los Angeles Amalgam Removal | L.A. Smiles Dental Spa
Amalgam was replaced with white composite bonding that is much more biocompatible and mimics nature in structure and function.

Images by Tetsuji Aoshima

Safety First - The Removal Process

The removal of mercury requires a strict process be followed in order ensure your safety. Improper removal of amalgam may lead to illness. That is why you must find a trained dentist such as Dr. Joshua Ghiam of L.A. Smiles to assist you with the entire procedure and ensure your safety.

Ready to Replace Your Amalgam Fillings?

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