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Biomimetic Dentistry

Los Angeles Holistic Dentist- Biomimetic Dentistry

Have you heard of biomimetic dentistry? In this type of cutting-edge dentistry, as much of the tooth is preserved as possible, just as nature intended. Our goal is your long-term dental health, not the quick fix.

Traditional Dentistry vs. Biomimetic Dentistry

In traditional dentistry, a portion of the tooth, sometimes a large portion, is removed during a procedure. Too often traditional dentistry is like filling potholes on a road, and about as effective. The potholes almost always come back.

With biomimetic dentistry our goal is to restore your damaged and decayed teeth, and return them back to their original strength, function, and appearance. We use advanced adhesive techniques, individualized inlays and onlays, and life-like composite fillings to preserve your tooth’s natural structure.

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Our Practice is Metal Free, BPA Free, and Mercury Free

We do not use metal crowns, gold crowns, or amalgam fillings. Nature did not make your teeth metal. We repair your tooth as nature would repair it, one layer at a time. We duplicate your teeth as nature would.

In biomimetic dentistry, we only remove damage and decay from your teeth. We replace that part of your teeth with bonded (attached) restorations that work just like your real tooth (biomimetically).

Our dental work will mimic natural teeth in appearance, function, and strength. We use the most advanced techniques and adhesive materials developed by modern technology.

When you have a crown placed on your tooth in traditional dentistry, you will actually lose part of your tooth in the preparation. And when the crown is placed, it behaves differently from a real tooth. This can cause your teeth to crack and allow bacteria inside, which can lead to an infection, a root canal, and then another crown.

In contrast, biomimetic dentistry seals your tooth safely and locks out bacterial infections. Our bonding techniques help prevent your tooth from fracturing. We keep your teeth strong and healthy as nature intended.

Biomimetic dentistry has resulted in a dramatic improvement in the dental health of our patients. There is no reason to turn back the clock, or stay in the past with traditional techniques when this breakthrough dentistry is available to you.

Biomimetic Dentistry is Cost Effective

Some folks may think this sounds more expensive than traditional dentistry, but biomimetic dentistry is far less expensive over the long run. Traditional restorations break down over time and can lead to costly repairs, while biomimetic restorations are easily repaired, if needed.

If you are tired of traditional dentistry and losing parts of your teeth that could be saved, please call us at (323) 651-0933 and make an appointment today. Now, you can get the same advanced dental care that dentists give their family and friends.