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Laser Dentistry Los Angeles, Laser Gum Treatment, Bleeding Gums 90048

Laser Dentistry

Los Angeles Laser Dentistry

If you’re experiencing bleeding, swollen gums and/or gum recession, you may have gum disease, also known as gingivitis and periodontitis. When bacteria gets inside the gum area, the gums can become infected and inflamed.

Laser Dentistry Los Angeles, Laser Gum Treatment, Bleeding Gums 90048

Gum Treatment Using Painless Laser Dentistry

Fortunately, we offer painless laser periodontal therapy that can be done by a hygienist or the dentist. Our laser treatment removes infected and inflamed gum tissue from around the root of the tooth.

After the laser has done its job, then root scaling removes the tartar and plaque that is below the gum line and around the root. Our dentist will smooth the root area to prevent rough spots where bacteria might cause future problems. This area will grow back during the body’s natural healing process.

The great thing about lasers is that they target areas accurately, and do not cause much bleeding, pain or swelling. That’s because laser therapy is less invasive than regular surgery.

People usually heal faster from laser therapy because of the protective, tiny blood clots that form in and around the gums. There may be some soreness and tenderness around the teeth after laser therapy, but the gums will grow back and become firmer.

Laser Dentistry for Ulcers in Mouth

Laser therapy can also be used to treat ulcers in the mouth, also known as cold sores. These ulcers are caused by the reactivation of a virus called HSV-1. The virus actually lays dormant, but is triggered by trauma, stress, illness or changes in the weather.

When this happens a group of small blisters rupture to form small ulcers on the lips and gums. For some people, these mouth ulcers can be quite painful.

The best time for laser therapy is when your ulcer is burning. The laser destroys the virus particles, dries the mouth lesions, kills nerve endings and promotes healing. Laser therapy is fast and painless, so no painkiller is necessary.

People experience immediate pain relief with this type of laser treatment, and their healing time will be significantly shortened. The frequency and intensity of ulcers should decrease after laser therapy.

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If you’re suffering from bleeding gums, gum disease and/or mouth ulcers, laser treatment is just one phone call away. Please call (323) 651-0933 to make an appointment with our experienced staff today.