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The Wand – Gentle Dentistry Los Angeles, Painless Injections 90048

Gentle Dentistry

The Wand - Gentle Dentistry in Los Angeles

Millions of people have a fear of the dentist. Most people worry about pain before they even get to the dentist office. While dental offices offer topical numbing gel, people may feel pain when the painkiller is injected into the gums too fast.

The Wand – Gentle Dentistry Los Angeles, Painless Injections 90048

Benefits of The Wand – What to Expect

Our office offers the Wand, which is a virtually painless injection. The Wand is a computer- regulated injection that makes sure the painkiller goes into the gums at the right speed and temperature giving you a pain-free experience. The Wand can be used with patients of ages.

The Wand has a small, pen-like hand piece with very fine needle inside it. Our dentist holds the hand piece against an area in your mouth and the painkiller flows out of the piece and numbs your gum tissue before the small needle even touches it.

The computerized Wand injection system actually numbs your gum tissue as the painkiller goes in. This creates an easy pathway of painkiller bellow most people’s pain threshold. You will likely only feel some slight pressure. This pain-free and stress-free painkiller delivery system is very popular with people and it’s easy to see why.

The Wand doesn’t look like a traditional syringe, but comes with several sizes of tips so that our dentist choose use the best one for your treatment. The Wand eliminates the old one-size-fits-all shot to the gums.

The Wand - Great for Patients With Dental Phobia

The Wand is extremely popular with dental-phobic adults, and it’s extra popular with kids. Because the Wand is virtually painless, children will be less fearful and far less likely to fight trips to the dentist.

Another advantage with the Wand is that the painkiller can specifically numb a specific tooth and gum without numbing your face, tongue, lips or other teeth. You won’t have to struggle to talk for hours, slur your words or have that Quasimodo-smile. You’ll be able to return to your job or regular routine right after your dental appointment. You will be able to eat, drink, talk or go to a meeting.

We find that many of our patients who had a serious a fear of dental injections actually overcame their fear after their first time with the Wand. It’s that good.

This new technology gave them relief and reduced their anxiety. They no longer dread dental visits, and are getting the high quality care that their gums and teeth deserve

The Wand – Painless Injections

If this sounds good to you, please call (323) 651-0933 and make an appointment today for yourself or a family member who is in need of dental care, but has put it off. The Wand and our staff are here to give you a virtually painless dental experience.