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Dental Implants

Los Angeles Dental Implant Dentist

Millions of Americans suffer tooth loss in their lifetimes. This usually happens because of tooth decay, gum disease, or injuries. Most people have at least one gap in their teeth by age 35.

Dental Implants Replace Missing Teeth

Losing a tooth can increase your chances of losing more teeth, ruin your beautiful smile and make you self-conscious. The good news is a dental implant is an effective way to replace your missing tooth.

An implant blends in with your other teeth so most people won’t even know that you have an artificial tooth. Implants are an excellent long-term solution for restoring your smile.

Implants are tiny rods that are made of titanium and other materials. The rod actually acts as the new root for your artificial tooth.

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Dental Implant Procedure – What to Expect

First, the implant (rod) is surgically attached to your jaw in the area of your missing tooth. Our dentist will use local painkiller, so you should only feel pressure, no physical pain. Depending on how much jawbone you naturally have, you may also require a bone graft made artificial material to thicken up your jawbone where the implant will be placed.

You will want to eat soft foods during the healing process, which is called osseointegration. This is when the jawbone actually heals around the implant (rod). The growth of bone around the implant gives it a secure anchor. This healing can take several months. Our dentist may give you a temporary crown during this period.

In the next step, a small connector post, also called an abutment, is attached to the rod. Then an artificial tooth (permanent crown) is attached to the abutment. This artificial tooth will be carefully created in a lab to match your other teeth.

Your implant, with the jawbone healed around it, will provide a strong foundation for your artificial tooth.

Learn more about dental implants in Los Angeles by reading our FAQ section.

Dental Implants Have Very High Success Rates

Dental implants have changed dentistry over the past 25 years, and provided a high tech solution for missing teeth. The success rates of dental implants vary, but are usually very high, 95-98 percent.

Contact Us About Dental Implant Costs & Pricing

If you are interested in getting a dental implant, please call our office at (323) 651-0933 to make an appointment with our dentist, who will go over the process and see if you are a candidate for this smile-saving treatment.

Don’t put this off. The longer you’re missing a tooth, the more your other teeth could move around in ways you do not want. Call us today to discuss your options and pricing concerns.