You’ve made the decision to improve your smile, but you haven’t decided on which cosmetic dentist to receive services from. Choosing a cosmetic dentist can be a difficult task as there are many to choose from, especially in the Los Angeles areas.

Most people turn to Yelp! to read reviews or “Google” a dentist’s name to see what other people are saying & to extract as much information as possible.

Dr Joshua Ghiam

Why Patients Choose Joshua Ghiam, DDS
for Cosmetic Dentistry

1. We believe in green dentistry.

What you may not find in other cosmetic dental practices is the fact that we believe in green dentistry. This is a holistic approach to dentistry that doesn’t believe in the use of metals in the mouth & strives to reduce the impact of our services on the environment. You won’t find mercury-based options @ L.A. Smiles Dental Spa & we always make an effort to offer our patients the most natural options available.

2. Very attractive presence on Yelp!

If you haven’t already visited our Yelp! profile, then you’ll feel at ease to know we have a very attractive presence that I encourage you to see for yourself.

Visit L.A. Smiles Dental Spa Yelp! Profile

You may also visit our reviews page to see other reviews that are not on Yelp!

3. Joshua Ghiam, DDS is a Specialist.

I offer general dentistry procedures, however I have made a personal choice to specialize in smile restoration, which involves the combination of crowns, veneers & dental implants to achieve a beautiful smile. This allows me to offer the best service possible to all patients looking for cosmetic dentistry.

4. We keep our before/after gallery updated to show you real results.

Seeing is believing. The best way to get an idea of what to expect is to view before/after photos. We do our best to keep our gallery updated with as many cases as possible for patients to view our work & what they can expect.

View our extensive before/after gallery.

5. We offer a Complimentary, No Obligation Consultation.

That’s right! Schedule an appointment with Joshua Ghiam, DDS today for a complimentary consultation. Even if you decide not to choose our practice for services, you will be gain a lot on insight & information that will help guide you to the right choice, without any obligation.