Should I Use Mouthwash: Yay or Nay?

should i use mouthwashIt seems many people at some point will question whether or not using mouthwash is worth it, or they will question how effective it really is. And if you haven’t questioned it, well – you are probably are right now.

So, what’s the deal with mouthwash?

Before mentioning anything about mouthwash – here’s the thing: brushing & flossing are effective enough as part of ANY oral hygiene routine. With that said, is there really a need for mouthwash? In short: no.

Alcohol Based Mouthwashes May Be Linked to Oral Cancer

Alcohol-based mouthwashes – the key here is “alcohol-based” – have been linked to a higher incidence of oral cancer. The findings serve as a forefront to why mouthwash should not be a part of your oral hygiene routine.

The alcohol is doing more harm than good.

Again, alcohol-based mouthwashes may be doing more harm than good. Alcohol-based mouthwashes will actually kill the good bacteria in the teeth that are responsible for bad breath & protection of your teeth and mouth as a whole. It also dries out the tissue and may even irritate it.

The “sting” we often feel in mouthwash almost always indicates an alcohol-based mouthwash that has more to do with marketing than it does positive results.

The alcohol content is often high too – perhaps similar to swishing around a shot of our favorite vodka. Would you do that? Most likely not. That’s why there’s also no reason to be swishing around alcohol-based mouthwashes.

However, Natural Mouthwashes Are OK.

We’ve placed a large emphasis on alcohol-based mouthwashes, which are different from alcohol-free or natural mouthwashes that will actually clean your mouth and freshen it without the possible damaging side effects.

If you absolutely feel the need to use mouthwash, then by all means go for it – just be sure to use one that does not contain any trace of alcohol. The nearest health store will have a natural mouthwash that would be considered safe for use.

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