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Dr. Joshua Ghiam of Dr. Joshua Ghiam Aesthetic Dentistry, specializes in the highest quality Cosmetic Dentistry in Los Angeles. Dr Ghiam specializes in the placement of high quality Porcelain Veneers which are custom designed and hand made. Following a strict Ethical and Patient centered approach, he makes sure each and every one of his patient's concerns are thoroughly addressed and detailed smile makeover treatment plans are created for each patient. Dr. Ghiam’s expertise in Cosmetic & Aesthetic Dentistry allows him to custom design each smile and perform all treatments on an individual basis and no two smiles are created equal, extreme attention to detail is always utilized to mimic natural teeth in order to create beautiful and natural smile enhancements that last for many, many years!

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At Dr. Joshua Ghiam Aesthetic Dentistry, you can expect to be treated with our utmost care. We make sure each and every one of our patient's needs are thoroughly addressed.

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